We understand that Toddlers are explorers and active learners; therefore, our teaching implements a variety of hands-on learning experiences for every child.

The curriculum provides goals and objectives appropriate to their age group. These goals and objectives are used to plan activities to guide each toddler's learning and growth.Toddlers gain a sense of independence as the teacher encourages them to feed themselves and introduce them to the potty. Teachers partner with parents to assist in the potty training process to ensure consistency and provide a fun and smooth transition from diaper to toilet.



Building Blocks
Dramatic Play
Art/Journal Time
Table Toys



Our preschoolers conquer new skills and practice learned skills in preparation for their next academic endeavor. Kid's Cave Focuses on the philosophy that young children learn best through playing,exploring, experimenting and creating as well as academics. Lesson plans and learning centers allows children to expand their imaginations, make choices, practice self-help skills and develop their language, listening and independent thinking skills.
Aware of the elementary content expectations, our curriculum provides extra attention to core subjects including math and language arts. Having a school readiness focus, we monitor each child's development and work with children individually to prepare them for Kindergarten.
​ When your child arrives at Kids Cave there will be activities for them to do such as, building with blocks, drawing or painting, playdough etc until all the children arrive. Then an informal "How are you today" and Circle Time begins. This gives everyone a chance to settle in and begin the day. Each day will include math, science, art, computers, social studies and many activities for beginning reading. Generally the weekly curriculum relates to a letter of the alphabet.


​Cause/Effect, Color/Shape, Concepts
Social interaction/Fantasy vs. reality
Oral and written communication recognition
Receptive/Expressive language
​Self direction and discipline

Kids Cave

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